Trainee Consultant

Trainee Consultant

Opportunities in London & Munich


Competitive base + uncapped commission = OTE YR 1 £35K-£45K, YR 2 £80K, YR 3 £100K+

We are looking for graduates who are switched on, confident and money motivated. Students graduating this year who have ambition and would value the opportunity to be the architect of your own career in the DACH market. Graduates of 2014/2015/2016/2017/2018 who have worked in a commercial environment since graduating.

This is a brilliant opportunity to join an innovative and multi-award winning recruitment agency based in London and Munich, operating in the UK and DACH region of Europe.

Role Purpose

You will initially support your team by sourcing the best talent for current clients while learning the role of a 360 recruiter. Through these resourcing activities you will develop your knowledge of your market and utilise the information you gather to start building your own business relationships and win your own business.

Job Overview

You will learn the basics of what makes a successful 360 recruiter and how to deliver end to end recruitment services for clients and candidates. By completing resourcing duties for your team you will learn how to manage an effective recruitment process. You will follow the pathway of the High Performance Programme (HPP) which provides you with targets to work towards for your first six months in the business and provides you with a structure to your day while giving you an insight to all the activities involved in being a successful recruiter and the capacity you need to operating at in order to establish a successful start to your career. Alongside doing the job on a day to day basis you will also attend comprehensive training sessions designed to equip you with the skills you need in the role. This includes the following modules; Set Up for Success, the Effective Consultant, the Effective Recruiter and Managing the Process.

Responsibilities and Duties

• Finding and qualifying candidates using all the tools and resources provided
• Writing and publishing adverts
• Headhunting A grade candidates through various platforms
• Building candidate market maps
• Booking and running candidate and client meetings
• Arranging candidate interviews, including preparing candidates and collecting feedback
• Lead generation and conversion
• Managing client processes and establishing commitment on roles
• Building relationships with hiring managers
• Establishing your own brand in the market through a variety of mechanisms
• Inviting candidates and clients to Business Transformation Network (BTN) events and encouraging them to create content for the platform
• Using our CRM system (Bullhorn) for tracking all activities
• Work towards the monthly targets set out in HPP
• Achieve all objectives and targets agreed with team leader/mentor

Qualifications and Skills

• Very strong communication skills, both verbal and written
• Hard working and self-motivated to push yourself to succeed
• Have the confidence to try new things and operate outside your comfort zone
• Competitive, with a goal orientated mindset
• Can demonstrate previous situations which have required resilience and tenacity
• Display good organisational skills
• Ideally will have strong previous sales experience (but this is not essential)
• Able to demonstrate a history of success and having gone above and beyond in a certain discipline, for example; sport, music, academics, work, extra-curricular activities, etc.
• Willingness to learn and a capacity to be self-analytical
• We also look for individuals who will bring energy to the role and their team

How to apply

Fill the contact form below or email Georgina Whitmore (Learning & Development Manager) on and tell us:

• What are your ambitions
• Why do you want to be a Recruiter

• Why do you want to work at Annapurna

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