The Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen

Helping the Homeless in Central London

Annapurna have chosen to support the work of The Soup Kitchen on Tottenham Court Road for the second year in a row.  We will be both donating funds and maintaining our monthly volunteering slot working in the kitchen itself.  

By supporting the homeless, marginally homeless and under privileged we are helping to build a more inclusive and stable society for everyone. 

What does the Soup Kitchen do? 

"Our vital service provides huge benefits for both vulnerable individuals and the local community".

Soup Kitchen statistics

  • Established in 1986
  • 5 part time staff and 100 volunteers (4 per day)
  • £70,000 annual budget
  • Serves 17,000 hot meals a year to 70 guests a year (400 different people) 
  • Hands out 6,000 articles of clothing/ shoes plus 4,000 toiletry items yearly
  • £300 covers all of the Soup Kitchen's running costs for one day (£100 covers food only)
  • £25 covers the cost of the meat for one day 
  • £20 covers the cost of soup OR fruit OR veg for one day
  • £10 covers the cost of tea and coffee for one day
  • £5 covers the cost of bread for one day
  • £6,000 covers all the Soup Kitchen's running costs for one month

Interesting #FeatureFriday on how often organisations need to reinvent to survive... #Survival #BusinessStrategy

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