Our Methodology

Our Methodology

Why are we different?

The model above shows that many 'A' grade candidates exist in the passive / hidden areas within the talent pool. Traditional transactional recruitment tends to deliver candidates in the active space usually by advertising response or database search. Community focused recruiting builds relationships with all areas of the talent pool and enables the agency to deliver the 'best' talent within the pool by activating 'A' grade candidates that the recruiter has built a relationship with or has been referred to within the community.

Recruitment as a discipline is evolving rapidly. The advent and proliferation of social media are changing the way that skills are visible in the marketplace. This revolution gives us as recruiters new opportunities to access and deliver talent.

To deliver talent we believe that we must build relationships with specialist talent pools so that we are able to leverage such relationships to gain referrals to not just the most visible talent, but to the best talent.

Visibility does not necessarily engender delivery and thus we go to great lengths to build relationships to be able to deliver this talent to our clients.

As such we believe that the traditional transactional recruitment delivery model is becoming less effective and less relevant.

The traditional contingent agency that advertises and uses a database search to find its candidates adds little value to the direct sourcing team. What should add value is the capability to access pools of talent that are not visible or do not respond to approaches via social or advertised media that can be leveraged by referral and relationship.

The thought leadership Business Transformation Network, that we have invested in building are a unique way to be able to tap into that methodology and we believe what we are doing is the future of recruitment agency excellence. Having been the first to build these communities and to now own the industry-leading content groups, we believe that we are uniquely poised to deliver in this evolving recruitment landscape.

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