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Video as the future of resourcing

Technological advances have made communication through video almost second nature. Although for decades text has been the best way to communicate however the accessibility of smartphones and the internet, combined with the ease of conversations via video has seen this dynamic change. The Internet allows for what can be misconstrued via text to be understood more clearly with the ability to see facial expressions and hear the tone of voice, it also feels a little more personal. Innovation is integral to business success, especially within recruitment, with recruiters needing to be vigilant with their adaptability to ensure they stay ahead of the competition.

Video Interviewing and Annapurna

Annapurna aims to be the World’s leading responsible search firm, providing high-quality, values-led recruitment. We use innovative and sustainable processes, like Hinterview, to ensure we deliver a supreme service to our clients and candidates. Video interviewing is common within today’s recruitment process, with many organisations using this as a pre-screening measure. However, Hinterview is a USP in itself, providing the ability to pre-record questions, showcase a CV alongside the video and receive notifications and feedback once the client has watched the interview. In an age where diversity and inclusion are integral to reducing groupthink, Hinterview provides the opportunity to showcase yourself and to remove any unconscious bias from the process.

What is Hinterview?

We know the interview process can be scary, especially at initial stages, but Hinterview allows for this to be a little more comfortable. Hinterview is cutting-edge, video recruitment suite, that smooths the recruitment process for candidates and clients alike. Hinterview provides high-quality video interviews which run alongside a written CV, to showcase a candidate’s talents and act as an initial interview.

Why we use Hinterview?

We use Hinterview to ensure we are at the forefront of innovation in the recruitment industry and to provide an easier process to our customers. Hinterview provides varying functions for candidates and clients. As Annapurna operate in UK, DACH and Nordic regions, from our offices in London and Munich, we use Hinterview to accommodate the requirements of our international clients and candidates.

Why use Hinterview for Candidates?

Why use Hinterview for Clients?

As a candidate, Hinterview allows you to showcase your soft skills whilst talking through your experience in an interview with an Annapurna recruiter or an interview from pre-recorded or written questions.


As a client of Annapurna, using Hinterview allows you to conduct an initial test with more than just a CV to go off, but also an accompanying video of the candidate in either an elevator pitch or answering pre-set questions from yourself.


Decrease travel time and cost by eliminating the requirement to travel for multiple initial interviews.


Hinterview allows you to be certain about a candidate before you invite them in for an interview, saving both parties time and money.


Finally, Hinterview allows you to pre-record an elevator pitch to advertise yourself that your recruiter can use to promote you to clients. Finally, Hinterview allows you to provide the recruiter with immediate feedback to increase the speed of the process for all parties involved.


How to use Hinterview?

Hinterview is a cloud-hosted platform, with interview requests, questions and invites coming through as emails. The Hinterview process is straight-forward and simple to use, providing candidates an opportunity to showcase their personality and experience, whilst allowing clients to feel more confident about cultural fit and ability. It can allow the interview process to be sped up by a considerable amount by cutting the first stage process of a typical phone interview and beginning ‘face-to-face’ introductions sooner.

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