Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth

One of the most effective environmental campaigning charities

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Annapurna has chosen to sponsor Friends of the Earth in 2015 and 2016 to help fund its vital work finding solutions to environmental problems.  

Who are Friends of the Earth? 

"We're one of the most dynamic, respected and effective environmental campaigning charities in the world.  We are a movement of local groups, thousands of active supporters and a dedicated staff of professionals working across England, Wales and Northern Ireland on local, national and international campaigns." 

Friends of the Earth know that:

  • The Earth is our only home - so wrecking it doesn't make sense!
  • The wellbeing of people and planet go hand in hand - this has always been the inspiration for our campaigns.

What do Friends of the Earth want? 

"We want to see a new, positive relationship between people and the planet.  We want a world where the Earth's population, its climate, fresh water, food supplies, and nature can thrive."

Where have Friends of the Earth made a difference so far? 

"Our first action more than 40 years ago, was to dump 1,500 non-returnable bottles outside the Schweppes London headquarters to make a case for recycling and re-use.  Since then, together with hundreds of thousands of people, we've notched up many major achievements including: 

  • Waking the world to climate change and winning the world's first climate change law
  • Laws to protect our countryside
  • Better food and cleaner water
  • Persuading big companies to behave better
  • The green recycling bin on your doorstep
  • Support for green energy"

Annapurna - Helping Friends of the Earth make a difference

"The support of Annapurna Recruitment will mean we can continue our vital campaign work, including the Bee Cause" 

The Bee Cause

Our bees are in crisis.  They've lost much of their natural habitat in the past 60 years (including 97% of wildflower meadows) and are under assault from pesticides and intensive farming.  

Over the next decade, we aim to build massive support for protecting the natural world, and rolling back the damage we've done to it, by restoring the connection between people and nature.  So where better to start than with bees? They are beautiful creators and vital pollinators.  

Thanks to the tens of thousands of people who have got behind The Bee Cause, the UK Government will soon be putting an action plan in place to protect bees.  And people are helping bees in their back yards too, by creating bee-friendly spaces where we live.  Why not get involved and download your bee saver kit here.  

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