Providing under privileged communities with clean water

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A Message from the Founder of Fresh2o, Candice Farmer

"Thank you Annaurna for your continued support of Fresh2o, it really is helping to save lives.  Your contributions have helped Fresh2o to work on over 187 clean water projects in Uganda, Madagascar and Zambia, saving over 122,778 lives and raising awareness globally.  Over 4,000 children die a day from dirty water.  That is the equivalant to all the children in approximately 22 primary schools in the UK dying every day.  This is an unacceptable statistic in the 21st century.  

The impact of building a well in a community is incredible.  If the local people have access to clean water, it means that the women and children don't have to spend several hours, often 6 hours walking to fetch a bucket of dirty water which sadly makes them sick.  Having clean water nearby means the adults have time to work and create an income, the children can go to school and get an education.  Not only will this help them get work later on but will also educate them on Malaria, HIV, contraception etc.  This helps communities to lift themsleves out of poverty.  

We have reports from Madagascar that schools have 100% turn up rates as the children are no longer sick, this is so good!

At Fresh2o we belive in giving a Hand-Up rather than a Hand-Out and make sure that all of our projects are sustainable.  This means people have to contribute to our water projects in order to learn about sanitation and hygiene.  

The impact has been so great, we now have hundreds of village leaders who have come forward and put a down payment to be next on the list for support from Fresh2o as they have seen how clean water has helped their neighbours.  

Thank you Annapurna, you will be heping to save even more lives in 2015, 2016 and beyond."

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