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ERUPT 2022 Roundup!

Our ERUPT 2022 Learning and Talent: Embracing Digital & Empowering Leadership conference that took place on the 20th of September was a huge success, here is the low-down!

All of the sessions from this week are now live on the ERUPT event website, which means you can catch up on any missed opportunities or re-watch a session you loved!

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Down With The Kids

Within this session our panel included: Stan Horwitz, Head of Transformation @ LRQA, Amber Harris, Assessment and Talent Strategy Specialist @ AON and Sydney Samuels, CEO & Founder @ Loop Not Luck.

Who are Gen Z?  

According to our speakers, Gen Z is the future workforce and emerging talent. 25-30% of workforce will be Gen Z by 2025. There is now a huge shift from monetary compensation to benefits and reward schemes. According to our panel, Gen Z want the same as what everyone have always wanted, but are more vocal about what they want.

It is important for Gen Z for businesses to focus on:

  • ESG
  • Wider CSR and ESG is part of a wider talent acquisition strategy
  • Diversity
  • Good leadership
  • Culture
  • Wellbeing 

Watch the full video to learn more:


At the same time on the Talent channel we had a panel on:

Multi-modal Leadership: Developing Emotional Intelligence

with Andrew Fox, Head of HR UK & International @ VTB Capital and Debaraj Dutta, Director of Leadership Development @ Novanta Inc.

The conversation started by asking

Who is a leader?

According to Debaraj, a leader is an individual that adds value to the business and leadership is the skill that everyone has. Andrew believes that everyone has the opportunity to become a leader, but it takes time to understand various leadership styles. Our panelists believe that people are expecting more from a leader than ever before and now situational leadership is very important; leaders have to react and respond depending on the situation they are in.

Watch the full video to learn more:

At 9:30 we had a special talk about:

Transforming Talent through Integrated Hyper Personalisation

with Jon Ingham who is Director @ Strategic HR Academy.

Jon spoke about strategic talent management continuing to become ever more critical to business performance. He discussed why hyper-personalisation is so essential, and what it is you now need to do in the workplaceMore information is available in UKG’s report, ‘How hyper-personalisation can transform your employee experience’, available via HRZone:

Please watch the full live stream here:


At the same time, we had another panel around:

Winning Women: Is the Future Optimistic?

With Nadia Hutchinson who is  Global Director, HR Services and Operation @ Cabot Corporation, Farhana Kuddus Global Head of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion @ 10x Banking and Bine Aagaard Johanson, Managing Director @ Jellyfish.

For our panellists, there is a key focus on culture and leadership within the companies which has helped them get to the position they are in today. According to Bine, if the right culture exists then you will be able to see success. Farhana said that she has had a mixed group of people around her who have supported her and allowed her to be herself.But the women also questioned whether some women still limiting themselves and whether this is down to the leadership and the culture that surrounds them.

‘It is key for women to be their own allies and have their own voices.’

Click here to watch the full video from the event:

At 10:10 we had a panel on:

Creating a Transparent Future Career

with Patrick Treml HR Director @ ATOS Digital and Sharron Pamplin Chief People Officer @ Lloyd’s Register.

Our panellists spoke about What really matters to our employees? Is it flexibility? Is it pay? Or is it simply about being open and honest about everything that their role as an employee encompasses? Our panel believe that it is now about giving people flexibility, and a choice and supporting employees in different ways than before. They also spoke about defining careers and how to define a role, career life and the journey through to professional life.

Click here to watch the full live stream:

At the same time, we also had a panel on:

Curating Curiosity and Sparking a new way of thinking

with Sam Isaacson who is Global Director of Consulting @ CoachHub. Sam hosted a fascinating session about how important curiosity is in business, how the role of the growth mindset can play directly into this and how the role of coaching can act as an enabler for employees to become more naturally curious. Sam also looked at how to scale that globally across multidisciplinary teams, whilst making it sustainable.


DEI: A Journey from Ticking Boxes to Accessibility

Who’s responsibility is it to build an accessible psychologically safe and inclusive environment? Hear from our panellists Annika Allen, Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion @ All3Media, Manjuri Sinha, Global Director of Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding & Onboarding @ OLX Group and Sola Osinoiki Global VP, Office of CIO @ Prosus Group & Naspers

Some people say that diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workplace means allowing everyone to have a seat at the decision-making table. But our speakers believe that there is a runway to cover first…things have improved but intentions need to turn into action.

Annika suggested that it is everyones job within the workplace not just down to the DEI or Inclusion specialist to fix a company culture, so the tick box approach is not going to work.

Click here to watch the full video:

At the same time:

The Bold Leader

Was hosted by Michael Banks, Principal Consultant @ PeopleSmart SAS, Anique Van Lent, Associate Director Talent Development @ Media.Monks and Borbala Molnar, Head of Coaching and Mentoring @ Nokia and Emiel Brok, Head of Training Services EMEA & APJ @ SUSE.

Our panel discuss what does it really mean to be a bold leader and creating space for diversity. Our speakers believe that as a leader, you should create a successful space so that others can be at their best. Is being a leader about making top of mind business decisions and also being able to make decisions for your employee base?

Click here to watch the full live stream back:

Please watch our two digest sessions!

ERUPT Digest – Building your talent for the future: Workforce planning solved!

With Ben Kaminsky who is Founder & CEO @

Which focusses on how we use data beyond analysis and enable Workforce Intelligence? What is the data required to be able to paint a picture of workforce gaps and future hiring needs? How do we refresh the data to sustain and scale? & do we have an elastic strategy for the gig economy, intelligent job rotation with complementary skills and plug-in to modern job portals/ERP systems?

ERUPT Digest – So, you think you are bold?

With Chris Pether who is Founder and Managing Director @ PeopleSmart SAS

Chris talks about different generations and cultural and competency frameworks.


At 11:40 we had a panel on:

Providing the Netflix of Learning Experience

with Jon Moon who is Learning Experience & Technology Lead @ Sodexo

Netflix knows what we want to watch next, why can’t we be told what we need to learn yet?

We are in an age where digital comes first. We expect our technology to work in a certain way. We are even starting to expect our devices to know what we want them to do before we select something. Jon believes that learning management systems should be based on what others require. You should take this big pile of content and take it and break it down so that it means something to the user. Jon questions what is a perfectly personalised learning plan and how are we tagging our learning?

Click here to watch the full stream:

Captive or Free – Is Retention Just a Jail Sentence?

At 12:15 PM, Paul Estes Founder @ XpertLinkAI and Shwetal Randive, Global Senior Director, Learning, Talent Development and Employer Branding @ Radisson Hotel Group spoke about the Great Resignation and the new talent market.

Is it the goal, to still retain people? That is the question that our panel asked.. 

Are we still trying to achieve retention at all? Shwetel believes that retention isn’t a goal anymore but is just a consequence that we are driving for.

Companies are still building a system where people want to stay, but the question now is not whether we doing enough, but whether there is something that we can we do differently.

The same practices aren’t failing but are not succeeding either, so what did our panel suggest?

Click here to watch the video:


The Silent Epidemic of Burnout

Our last panel concluded on topics surrounding burnout with Nerissa Caesar, Reward and Wellbeing Specialist @ Westminster City Council and Steph Newton, Co Founder & CCO @ Ambr.

What does burnout feel like to you? Burnout is very personal to each experience. Symptoms are very varied for the individual-  some else could be feeling driven and engaged but still be experiencing burnout or be less engaged 

What is quiet quitting? The new buzzword has caused a stir, but our panellists believe that this is a proactive choice and is very different to burnout. 

Our panel also talk about organisations having a duty of care to support their employees and structurally creating work environments that reduce the amount of stress.

We would like to thank those who registered and attended on the day.


Thank you to our incredible speakers

Sharron PamplinNadia HutchinsonPatrick TremlSimon GibsonAnnika AllenJon InghamShwetal RandiveBen KaminskyChris PetherSam IsaacsonFarhana KuddusManjuri SinhaStan HorwitzAmber HarrisNerissa CaesarAnique van LentMichael BanksSydney SamuelsAndrew FoxDebaraj DuttaBine Aagaard Johanson, Borbála MolnárEmiel BrokPaul EstesJon MoonSteph Newton,  Sola Osinoiki.

We also want to thank our hosts James Ballard (Founding Partner and Executive Search Lead at Annapurna Recruitment) and Magnus Okuonghae (Manager – Interim HR & Transformation – Europe at Annapurna Recruitment).

And thanks to our sponsors, UKGCornerstone OnDemandCoachHub, EVA.AIand Fountain who conducted some incredible sessions on ‘Transforming Talent through Integrated Hyper Personalisation’, ‘Curating Curiosity and Sparking a new way of thinking’, ‘The Bold Leader’ and ‘Building your talent for the future: Workforce planning solved!’

We hope you enjoy watching the sessions back!

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