22 Jan

Is the new year really the best time to shake things up?

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So many people and companies spend this month chanting the mantra “New Year, New You”, whilst trying desperately to stick to ‘Dry January’, but is this really the best time of year to change things up? As we’ve made it past ‘Blue Monday’, many people are experiencing an increased desire to move roles.

It makes sense that the beginning of a new year provides chances to turn over a new leaf and kick-start those grumbles you’ve been repeating for the past year into an actionable goal. Following our Christmas post, the new year is a good time to be looking for a new role as companies begin to advertise and follow up on job vacancies more stringently, than in the previous month.

January is a high time for job applications, making the application process more competitive. Monster identifies that the top day for job searching in 2017 was the 4th January and 60% of the top job search days of 2017 were in January. So if you’re in a New Year slump, despising the rut of your day-to-day that has carried through from last year to 2018, then you’re best to get started now!


Focus on your sales pitch

Today, more and more roles are applied to through LinkedIn, so if you’re looking, your preparation needs to extend further than your CV, you should be updating your LinkedIn too. This is the area within the job application process that you have the highest control over, so make the most of it. By updating your personal profile and CV, you are not only acknowledging your own desire to move, but you are also taking that first step and putting yourself out there. Don’t let your CV let you down...

Make the process easier for yourself…

When you’re in a role already and looking to move, it can be hard to dedicate the time required to the job hunt. Many people would suggest signing up to Job Boards like Indeed, Reed etc., however, this is not always advisable, as anyone searching the job boards could find your profile (including the recruitment team within your own organisation), which could have an imminent impact on you. It is, therefore, more advisable to look into recruiters, like Annapurna, and sign up to have the search conducted for you by a consultant that understands the market. This will also keep your CV restricted to the clients your recruiter is in conversation with, with everything being agreed to by you.


January is the most popular time to search for a new role, as the ‘new year hype’ tends to kick-start people into acting with their well-being in mind, so if you’re in a rut that is un-motivational, then get your search on. There are plenty of roles out there at this time of year, so update your profile and start looking.

Good Luck.

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