29 Aug

Culture Fit - Will you fit in?


During a job search, you will often come across the discussion as to whether you will 'fit' in with the corporate culture or not. What does it really mean to fit into a company and how can you actually judge this? The culture of a company is determined by its values, behaviour and beliefs.

All companies are completely unique and are seen as the 'personality' of a company. Since it is difficult to change an existing company culture, it is probably best to see whether you would fit in.


Make use of the Interview

During the interview, the hiring manager will undoubtedly try to find out as much as possible about your personality. This is definitely something you should do yourself. Make notes about the interview process: Was the person on time? How relaxed was the conversation? Did you feel that the person was interested in what you have to say? Does he / she seem happy in their own job? 


Have a look at the working environment

The working environment provides you with a lot of information on a company's personality: is the office open plan, modern, or is everyone sitting alone in private work spaces? Are there spaces for colleagues to break out during lunch and maybe even play video games or sports? Pay attention to how employees are interacting with each other. If a person invites you to visit the offices then jump at the opportunity, you should get a good impression of the general work environment. 


Just ask

If you want to get a sense of corporate culture, you do not have to do this in secret. After all, it is also in the interest of the company that you should fit in well. Most hiring managers will give you the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview. Use this chance and ask for the values that are most important to you. How would the interviewer describe the current style of leadership? How are employees' achievements recognised?


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