14 Jan

Cracking the Interview Code


You’ve done it, your CV and covering letter have been accepted and you have bagged yourself an interview at a top company. You’re excited and you have every reason to be. However the easy part is now over and the real work begins.

Do your research.

Whether you have applied directly to an advert you spotted on a company website or have decided to go through a recruiter, make sure you now about the company. Never put yourself in the situation of being asked any variation of the well-known interview question, ‘so what do you know about our company?’ and sit there blankly before muttering something incoherent.

As simple as it sounds, take a look at the company website and be clear on what it is the company does.

  • Find out about their values – this will give you a good idea of the company culture.
  • Make sure you have a good knowledge of the industry the company operates in – this will enable you to converse more freely with your interviewer.
  • A quick Google News search will give you some idea of developments in that industry and or if the company has had any recent news coverage.

Don’t panic! The chances are, you will not be quizzed about your most intimate knowledge of current industry trends, however they’re always good to have on the back burner.

Look the part.

Another simple one but so important. Your research about the company should give you an idea of the appropriate dress code if you haven’t already been told by the company themselves or your recruiter. A formal business environment calls for you to be suited and booted. The same suit however in a relaxed, more creative environment may work against you. In fact, 65% of bosses indicate that the clothing worn to an interview could be the decider when having to pick between two identical candidates.

Use examples.

Have quantifiable data that can back up your point. By quantifiable data I mean examples, strong examples of your work and what you have achieved. Why? This will make you stand out. You will be that person that reduced spending on the training budget by £250,000 per year or that person who achieved a 200% increase in employee satisfaction rates. Whatever your examples are make them quantifiable.

Keep calm and carry on.

Don’t spend your interview looking anywhere but at the interviewer, talking so fast they can’t keep up or fidgeting relentlessly. This probably won’t get your experience across in the way that you would like. However if you have done your research, know your stuff and look the part you should have nothing to worry about. Just remember to keep calm and perhaps skip the coffee before you go in just for good measure!

Follow up.

Whether you get an offer or not, make sure you or your recruiter asks for feedback. If unfortunately you didn’t get an offer this time round, find out what let you down and work on it for your next interview. Even if there is a gap in your experience, you can take this opportunity to learn some new skills.

Most importantly, separate interviews from one another and relax!

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