7 Jul

By Annapurna

5 Worst Jobs During a Heatwave


Following on from the warm temperatures sweeping Europe last week at the beginning of July (People trying to cope with the heat), Annapurna take a look at the jobs which you don't want to be doing in the extreme warm conditions.


Costume Character (Mascot)


Salary: Around £10k a year (£60 to £200 for a performance)

Description: The personal gains of hearing hundreds of children or thousands of football fans cheer at the sight of you might overweigh the heat issue here but I doubt it. Seeing the weather forecast predict temperatures above 30 degrees must be a disheartening experience when you know you'll be wearing a large, heavy and barely breathable costume in that weather.



Source ( £13k a year (Trainee) - £30k (Head Chef)

Description: Cooking quality food for the satisfaction of others is a job & hobby enjoyed by millions of people around the world. However, when you're in a warm kitchen cooking up an array of cuisines for people who will be sat at a table in the beer garden with a nice cold drink, the perks of the job are diminishing.


Fruit & Veg Picker

Source ( Minimum Wage

Description: Whether you're smelling the ripe strawberries or pulling up the earthly potatoes, the heat beating down onto your back throughout the day would be an overly warm experience. The lack of shade in the large fields would not add anything to your fruitful experience!

Certain yields must be grown in Polytunnels (Greenhouses), where temperatures can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius.


Refuse Collector

Salary: Up to £45k a year

Description: Your council tax contributions partly go towards ensuring your refuse is collected on a regular basis. With the great potential salaries on offer, being a refuse definitely has its perks. However, alongside the early wake up calls, the manual lifting of the rubbish/recycling and the fact that the refuse starts to produce a more pungent odour during the summer months, this job is not a summer job.


Road Worker (Working with Asphalt)

Source ( £12k to £24k

Description: This physically demanding job is just as tough in the heat as it would be in the winter.

Asphalt, the road surface material, can reach temperatures up to 150 degrees celcius before being ready to lay. Wearing boots, safety googles and hard hat alongside ensuring your skin is completely covered to protect from burns all result in a very warm working environment.


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