1 Oct

How can your workplace benefit from volunteerism schemes?


Volunteering over the years has become quite a trend for businesses, with 60% of millennials choosing (and staying with) their current employer because they’re offered these opportunities and feel a sense of purpose there. Although it may make up a small aspect of HR, getting your team members to invest time into helpin…

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16 Sep

How networking could boost your career


Although the notion of networking is nothing new, the basics of why it’s so important for your career are often forgotten.   Why networking is important for your success When you invest time into networking, it can make you more successful in your current career development or enhance your job search. W…

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17 May

How Video Has Shaped Our Recruitment Agency

Video record

At Annapurna, utilising videos everyday has changed our way to recruit and to build long-lasting relationships with candidates, clients, and even industry leaders all over the world. Hinterview Have you heard of Hinterview? This is a video platform allowing businesses to hire more efficiently, through a qualitative ca…

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8 Mar

International Women's Day

Women Diversity

Every year, International Women’s Day celebrates women’s social, economic, cultural and political achievements throughout history and across nations. This year, the theme is #BalanceforBetter, aiming to reach a more gender-balanced world and give equal rights to everyone. For organisations, it’s time t…

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21 Dec

Top Tips for Christmas Job Hunting


Christmas time is a busy period in terms of festivities, however you shouldn’t leave your job hunt under the Christmas tree if you really want the new year to start with a ‘new year, new me, new job’! December and January are generally the best time in a year to search job. Although most of the companies…

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